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Female Guitarist The Shredmistress plays Minarik Inferno Guitars

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Guitar Instrumental Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge - Guitar Instrumental

Latin meets Techno meets Metal and ... the Shredmistress. Blistering Guitar Solos with a bombastic background that rises to a massive crescendo.

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Female Guitarist The Shredmistress

has been called the 'femme fatale' of the guitar fingerboard.

Playing styles from shredding metal / rock to blues, funk, jazz and anything in between, she has over 25 years of playing / recording and teaching experience. "Guitar Playing is a life long passion of mine", as she stated in a recent interview. "I am committed to being the best female guitarist I can possibly be. I set myself no limits. I experiment and I create. I've amassed a big arsenal of guitar playing tools over the years and I use them all."

Rynata grew up in Duesseldorf, Germany where she learned guitar at the age of 15. Her father was a classical conductor and violinist. After an initial 'classical phase, The Shredmistress decided that rock'n roll was her calling. After immigrating to the USA, Rynata immersed herself in her guitar studies, played in numerous bands across the country, was on two record labels, started her guitar teaching practice, became a digital audio engineer and now lives in Los Angeles, teaching, recording and touring. She was a big part of the San Francisco Metal scene in the 90's, notably with her band Glamazon, that garnered her and the band a solid reputation for massive guitar shredding, tonal sound scapes unheard of by most bands and entertainment.

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Massive - Metal - Melodic - Machine - Shredding